There's something rewarding about using fire, anvil, and hammer to shape metal into something functional and beautiful.  Blacksmithing and jewelry classes are usually built around a specific project, and you'll be learning the skills you need as you go along.  Ending each class with finished pieces adds to the fun of learning new skills.

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One-on-one blacksmithing classes, held in my forge in Easton, NH

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Small group classes, held at the Littleton Studio School


Q & A

About those Blacksmithing Classes...


What things can I make in class?

The class is planned around the thing that you want to make.  You'll be the blacksmith apprentice for the day, and anything that I can make will be the focus of your class.  When planning your class, we'll try to pick something where you get to do a lot of the work.

What if I've never tried blacksmithing before?

Beginners are always welcome.

How big are the classes?

One student at a time, please.  One-on-one instruction gives you the full benefit of 40 years experience.

How much does it cost?

Classes are $65/hour including materials.  

The class duration depends on the thing you will be making that day,  but 2 or 3 hours is pretty common. 

Is there a minimum age?

Kids 5 years and up are welcome to work on age-appropriate projects.

How do I book a lesson?

Get in touch with the form below.  We'll plan a one-on-one class set up around the thing you choose to make that day.

How do I get ready for class?

Planning the class is all about choosing the thing that you'll be making that day.  So you'll already know roughly how long it take, and how much food and water to bring.  

Dress like a woodchuck - jeans, boots, and cotton work shirt.  Sparks that bounce right off Carhartts would melt holes clear through those slick North Face synthetics.  Also:

  • Don't show up wearing shorts or sandals

  • Safety glasses are important, bring them if you have them  

  • Leather gloves are sometimes helpful, bring them if you have them

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