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Custom Jewelry

Specializing in the traditional Japanese technique known as mokume gane, or “wood grain metal,” Iron Mike crafts custom cuffs, buckles, rings, and bolos for direct purchase, or you can sign up for a private or group course to learn the art for yourself.

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Mokume Gane

The mokume gane technique combines several layers of differing metals (such as copper and nickel) to form a unique, wood like design. Each piece embodies a balanced fusion of beauty and ruggedness from raw metal, which will develop a handsome dark patina over time. Polishing with a soft jeweler’s cloth will restore a bright copper shine.

Learn The Technique

Private lessons are held year-round at Iron Mike’s Forge in Easton, NH. Group classes are held in conjunction with the Littleton Studio School in Littleton, NH, and are typically held twice per year. Group courses are capped at four participants, so you will receive plenty of personalized assistance. For more information visit

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